Laundry Basket Organiser Towel Hanger Under Bowl Drawer Waste Bin Pull Down

Laundry Basket

Keep your dirty laundry in style. This very handy laundry basket is perfect to keep your laundry organised while easily accessible. The basket easily fits inside the vanity leaving your bathroom spacious and beautiful.



If you are a person who loves to dress up to perfection every time, this organiser is a definite must for your wardrobe and vanity. The organiser can be customised to meet your individual need.

Towel Hanger

If there is no definite place for every little thing, keeping things organised becomes a task. The towel hanger helps you keep your towel crease free and in a neat way. You do not have to think twice about your towel again.


Under Bowl Drawer

If there is space, use it well. Under Bowl Drawer helps you make full utilisation of available space. Store your occasional accessories or useable goods in an orderly way.

Waste Bin Pull Down

Your bathroom must be a place where you can just be yourself. This useful accessory for your bathroom is the place where you can dump anything without a second thought. Laze around while still keeping your bathroom classy.

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